19 foot Baja Sport I/O powered by an Allison 250-C18  



Fine Whine Turbine Boat Official Movie

After completing our turbine boat, we decided it would be fun to share the experience of using the boat with anyone else who might be interested, so we brought my Sony Palmcorder MiniDV digital camcorder aboard with us for a couple of runs to shoot some footage of the finished boat in its element. Of course, we started getting a little carried away and ended up shooting hours and hours of footage from inside the boat, outside of the boat, from the dock, of the boat interior, etc. This left me with quite an editing job to do, but anyway, here goes.

The finished video is over 12 minutes long. It may shock and astound some; it might make you laugh, it could make you cry, or it might just bore you...but I think it's pretty cool. The video also features music clips from one of my favorite local bands, Sofa Kingdom, for which Vito is the bass player. I produced Sofa Kingdom's record in my 24 track digital recording studio. Check them out at www.sofakingdomband.com

So here it is. Since the video is very long, I have a low quality and ultra-compressed version in the .wmv file format on the website. It can be opened with Windows Media Player. If you are having trouble opening the .wmv file, I have a slightly higher quality but much larger version in .mpg format. Email me if you would like me to send you a copy of it. The .mpg file is over 100 mb large. I am also in the process of producing a full quality, full screen size .wmv version which will be about 190 mb in size. If you would like a copy of that version, please let me know.


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(20.2 MB wmv file)



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