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1:12 Scale R/C Miss Budweiser Unlimited Hydroplane


As you may know, our second favorite thing here at Turbokart.com, next to turbine powered go karts, are turbine powered boats. Perhaps the ultimate turbine boat is the Unlimited Hydroplane. Unlimited Hydroplane is a class of boats in the Hydro-P.R.O.P series that are really the highlight of any in-shore race boating event. We like hydroplanes so much because just about all of them run a Lycoming T55-L-7 turbine engine with 2,850 shaft horsepower. The T55 is the big brother to the familiar Lycoming T53, essentially a slightly larger and heavier version of the same engine with some subtle differences. In order to pay homage to the venerable Unlimited Hydroplane, (and also because we like toys) we picked up this neat radio controlled model of the Miss Budweiser boat.


The model is really slick. It is a flawless 1:12 scale made completely of fiberglass. The model is powered by a .15 glow fuel piston engine, not a turbine, (nothing is perfect), which is a real screamer. The engine is a 2 stroke, .15 cubic inch single cylinder water cooled engine that burns methyl alcohol with 20% nitromethane mixed in and two stroke oil. A glow driver plugs into the glow plug for starting, but once running, the engine does not need an ignition source. The boat is supposedly capable of running 30 miles per hour, although I haven't tried yet. I foresee some fun days out on the turbine boat, stopping out in the middle of the bay and running this hydroplane right off the boat. At around $300 this model seems like a really good deal.

To learn more about Unlimited Hydroplane racing, please visit www.hydroprop.com


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