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Formula Turbokart vs. Ferrari


Formula Turbokart is fast. To demonstrate the point, we here at Turbokart.com decided that it would be fun to race our turboshaft powered go kart against Italy's finest. We couldn't get our hands on a Ferrari Enzo, so we decided that a 360 Modena would have to do instead. We're not going to try to mislead you; the Ferrari didn't stand a chance against our kart, and based on some of the 1/4 mile times we've recorded with our kart, we would hand even an Enzo it's rear end in any speed contest under 150 mph, as long as the track conditions were good. But we filmed this video just for fun.

Filming was actually quite interesting. We got kicked out of our first venue before we even unloaded the kart off the trailer. The road surface at the second venue was very bumpy and the kart became very difficult to control above 100 mph. That didn't stop Vito from keeping his foot in it almost to the bitter end. On the video you will see that near the end of the run, a huge bump forced him to back out of the throttle quite a bit and lose some speed crossing the finish line. Our top speed of the day with the go kart was 131.9 mph, despite the bad road conditions.

Kart top speed of the day, on GPS

The makeshift track was a piece of straight road with a cone at the end to mark out the finish line. We're not sure exactly what distance we raced, but it was definitely under 1/4 mile, probably around 1150 feet or so.

Without further ado, please enjoy the video:

Formula Turbokart Vs. Ferrari (low res .wmv, 6.8 MB)

Formula Turbokart Vs. Ferrari (high res .wmv, 54.5 MB)


In the next few days I will also post some random clips of the day's events on the videos page. Stay tuned...




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